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FINLAND takes it all

Finland stole the crown from Sweden! The trophy of World University Champion goes to Finland! At both finals, for over 60 minutes the main court was a battlefield of strength and intensity from both sides! The game couldn’t be solved on regular time, Finland and Sweden ended up taking some extra time to decide who would take the title home. With the audience holding their breaths, the Men Finns calmed them down by scoring the golden goal winning by 5-4. The Finn girls won by 3-2 at penalties!

On the run for the gold medal, men and women have played epic games! The audience was full of supporters, but the cheers from Finland gave to the teams the energy needed to break through the Swedish formation.

The battle for the bronze medal at women competition was an incredible game! Czech and Swiss fought till the very last minute but the Czech took the best, winning the bronze medal by 5-4. At the men competition Switzerland take over the game and the 3rd place of competition winning Czech Republic by 3-1.

At Women’s Competition, Poland wins the 5th place 2-0 to Japan, which ends this WUC at 6th place.

In the Men’s tournament, Portugal was a big surprise winning the 7th place. The home team won the last game to Japan (5-3) achieving three victories at theirs first participation ever on an international floorball championship. And Slovakia won the 5th place at the game against Spain.

What a fantastic WUC! We hope to see you in Portugal again!

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Day 4 showed the finalists of the 7th World University Floorball Championship. The Women’s and Men’s final will put face to face Sweden and Finland.

What a men’s semi-finals we have assisted! They were fast and furious to assure the win. Finland came to kill! The Finns got their revenge of the defeat against Switzerland in the 3rd day of competition. The first 20min were crucial to Switzerland because the Finns scored 5 goals at the 1st period. The 2nd period was very different with the Swiss scoring 2 goals and getting closer to Finland, but the hope lasted just a few minutes, until Finland scored their 6th goal of the match. At the 3rd period both teams scored 1 goal each and Finland got their spot in the final.

At the other semifinal, Sweden began calm pointing 3 goals in the 1st period but they trembled when Czech Republic scored the first goal in the 2nd period (3-1). In a very aggressive game, where two sticks were broken, Sweden became stronger scoring more 3 goals at the 3rd period, assuring a spot at the final against Finland. The historical rivals will meet today at 8pm at University Stadium to find out which formation will be crowned the World University Champion.

At women’s semifinal between Finland and Switzerland, the Nordic team scored a total of 9 goals against only 2 of Switzerland. It was a competitive game on the beginning of the match, but Finland’s girls took over the game and ended up qualified for the WUC final. At the other semifinal, Sweden defeated Czech Republic. This was one of the most intense and spectacular women’s matches. Both teams fought and scored one after the other for the spot in the final of this WUC. The match was heated until the very end. The Swedish team took advantage of their aggressive attack to manage to get the upper hand in the last period of the game. The final score was 8 – 4. Therefore, the Women’s Final will be dispute at 4pm at University Stadium between Sweden and Finland.

The Day 4 started with the Men’s qualifying to semi-finals, where Czech Republic defeated Slovakia for 8-1. At the other men qualifying, Finland went to the match with only half of the team but that was enough to beat Spain that had lost their only goalkeeper at day 3. So, Spain will play against Slovakia to 5th and 6th place.

At 7th to 9th place games in Men’s tournament, Portugal met and won again to Republic of Korea. The home team is taking steps and with his aggressive defense showed again their development. The teams were always counter-attacking each other and it was a delight for the spectators. The final score was Portugal 6 – 3 Republic of Korea. With this result and thanks to the tie of Japan with Republic of Korea (3-3), Portugal assures the 8th place and tomorrow will fight with Japan to the 7th place.

At female competition, Poland, Spain and Japan fought for 5th, 6th and 7th places. Spain lost to the two opponents and ended this WUC at 7th place. The 5th and 6th place will be decided today between Japan and Poland at Faculty of Sports.

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Porto by boat!

At the World University Floorball Championship of 2016 there is also time to visit the host city. Porto receives every year thousands of tourists and now the floorball athletes have the chance to see the city on a different perspective before the final rounds that will start today. Sun, willingness and many selfies were the ingredients to a successfull trip.

Douro river was the perfect local with many breathless sights to all the players from all around the world relax after the intense games that they have been playing.

The teams were excited to get to know Porto better, “we are loving the city and we want to come back”, said a Swedish player. The sunset was the ideal ending for an iconic and mandatory trip to all foreigners.

Almost all the delegations were present and delighted with the view.
We hope to see you again in our city!

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